Planning and forecasting of agro-industrial complex

In the system of measures regulating the development of the agro-industrial complex, a special place is given to planning, forecasting and programming. Plans, forecasts and programs reflect the goals, objectives and directions of development of the agro-industrial complex and its components, its subcomplexes, the solution of the most important problems, the main parameters characterizing the […]

Planning and forecasting of scientific and innovative activities

The basis for making state decisions in the scientific and technical sphere is planning and forecasting. Forecasting the development of science and technology in the republic is carried out through a system of private forecasts (on the most important problems of socio-economic, scientific-technical and structural-investment policy) and through a comprehensive forecast of scientific and technological […]

Planning and forecasting of economic development and economic growth

The basis of state regulation of economic development and economic growth rates in the Republic of Belarus are the forms and methods of their advanced display: forecasts, long-term concepts, master schemes, development projects, etc. At the same time, state regulation of economic development and economic growth is carried out within the framework of the general […]

Performance evaluation, environmental monitoring, adjustments and monitoring

Assessing the effectiveness of the organization and progress in its activities is one of the main tasks. It is necessary to constantly monitor the internal and external environment of the company. Low efficiency, insufficient progress, important new circumstances require changes in the long-term course of the company’s development, goals, business model and / or strategy. […]

Stages of development of competitive strategy

Strategy means the choice of the company’s development paths, markets, methods of competition and doing business. The process of developing and implementing the strategy consists of five interrelated tasks: Formation of a strategic vision for the future of the company. In other words, determining the long-term development prospects, formulating the future image of the company […]