Consolidated income distribution account

For a generalized understanding of the reflection of the processes of distribution and redistribution of income and their results, expressed in the formation of disposable income of the economy, these processes can be reflected in the summary account. The consolidated income distribution account reflects the distribution and redistribution of a country’s income at the level […]

Economic feasibility of importing technologies

By importing new technologies, the buyer usually achieves significant savings in money and time in comparison with independent developments in this area. Large-scale research and development-This work is costly, time-consuming, and the expected results are not always certain. Therefore, it is often easier to buy than to make it yourself. By acquiring new technologies, the […]

The essence of international and global competition

The entry of companies into foreign markets is determined by four main reasons [15 p.212-213]: Attracting new customers. The development of foreign markets opens up opportunities for higher revenues, profits and long-term growth. This option is especially attractive in cases where the domestic market of the country is already saturated. Companies such as Cisco Systems, […]

Competition strategies in the era of globalization

The globalization of the world economy is accelerating as countries, previously closed to foreign companies, open their markets and the Internet destroys distances. In the twenty-first century, any company wishing to achieve leadership in the industry should think about leadership in a global market, not a local one. In these conditions, ambitious, development-oriented companies are […]

Strategy development

A company’s strategy is the methods of competition and doing business that are chosen by the company to satisfy customers, compete successfully, and achieve the organization’s global goals. The strategy is adjusted by adding some parameters and abandoning others in response to changes in the market, consumer needs and preferences, strategic maneuvers of competing companies, […]