On the most significant cases regarding the "white-collar" of the Minsk region from the first

On the most significant cases regarding the “white-collar” of the Minsk region from the first

The name of the Serious Economic Crimes Directorate has changed three times over three years. However, the content of the work remained unchanged – the identification of serious and especially serious crimes in the economic sphere, including the theft of budget money and the suppression of corruption among leaders of various levels.

Head of the Department for the Disclosure of Serious Economic Crimes of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Radaevtold “Belarusian news“about the most significant criminal cases against white-collar criminals.

– How did the scandalous end fake diploma case?

– The group of people who incited citizens to give bribes in the amount of from 2300 to 4500 dollars for issuing diplomas of the Belarusian State University without training included methodologists and former teachers of two universities. A total of 8 facts revealed. Courts have already taken place, sentences have been passed against those responsible. Now we can say for sure: the officers of the BGEU are not involved in the scandal. After numerous examinations, it was established: diploma forms were made of paper not intended for diplomas, but also having serious degrees of protection. In this direction we continue to work.

– One of the important criteria for evaluating your service is compensation for material damage. How often does it be possible not only to expose the thief, but also to find what is acquired dishonestly?

– I will give such examples. The director of one of the RUE agricultural profiles ordered the acquisition of feed from commercial structures at unreasonably high prices. As a result, the company suffered material damage in the amount of 676 million rubles. Currently, material damage in the amount of 350 million rubles has been compensated, property seized in the amount of 700 million rubles.

The director of the Technika ODO stole funds in the amount of 570 million rubles, concluding a fictitious contract for the supply of a bulldozer for the needs of one of the construction departments. Material damage has not yet been compensated, but property worth one billion rubles has been seized.

– Probably, your defendants have the most popular article of the Criminal Code – 210 – theft by using official powers.

– And everything is in large and especially large size. For example, the head of the agricultural branch of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Minobldorstroy” “Grozovo” of the Kopylsky district, which is also a deputy of the Kopyly district Council of Deputies, and the chief accountant of the enterprise theft 82 million rubles by compiling fictitious orders and payrolls for virtually unfinished repair and agricultural work. The director of Vileyskaya repair and mechanical workshop LLC compiled deliberately forged documents for the supply of metal to several organizations, which allowed to steal 227 million rubles, which he cashed through false entrepreneurial structures. Every year, theft schemes are improved, new types of disguises are invented. But we are also interested in working: after all, there is a constant intellectual competition – there are no banal crimes in the economy.

– Do there be crimes in your reports, in the commonplace called “rollbacks”?

– Do you think “rollback” is more harmonious than a bribe? The acting director of Minsk Porcelain Factory OJSC twice received bribes in the amount of 3 million rubles and $ 100 for the work of the commercial structure for servicing heating systems at the enterprise. The director of the New Dawn poultry farm for a favorable solution to the issue of concluding a contract for the construction of a refrigeration warehouse back in December 2008 received two bribes in the amount of more than 29 million rubles from the director of a private company. We revealed these facts only last year.

I consider “rollback” an ugly phenomenon that significantly impedes the development of private business, and the segment engaged in the production and provision of services. I note that not only officials of state enterprises “take”, but also businessmen do not abhor criminal proceeds. In particular, the director of a private company that owns a building in Salihorsk very originally concluded lease agreements: 5 dollars – to the company’s account, 15 – to him personally. During 2007-2009, he put 49 thousand dollars in his pocket.

– Alexander Valentinovich, in 2009 your employees revealed 52 facts of bribery. What amounts were featured?

– From 100 thousand rubles to 65 thousand dollars. The main state labor inspector of the Stolbtsov inter-district labor inspectorate of the Minsk regional department of the Department of State Labor Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection burned on the first amount. Carrying out an inspection of a private unitary enterprise, he received from the director of the company 100 thousand rubles for non-reflection of violations identified by him in the act of verification.

At 10 thousand dollars, the head of the Department of the FIU of the KGC of the Republic of Belarus for Minsk and the Minsk Region and the mediator estimated their “help” in terminating the criminal case. 8 thousand dollars was intended for the first, 2 thousand was transferred to the second under the control of our employees, since the citizen who extorted the bribe turned to us with a corresponding statement.

– And what about the criminal case against the applicant?

– Investigated and transferred to court. Economic crimes are not committed through negligence, they are carefully thought out and planned. Therefore, the applicant understood that he could be both “in chocolate” and under investigation. And he knew very well that there was no way to stop the case. For crimes within the competence of the financial police, punishment is provided, first of all, in the form of financial sanctions, but the giving of a bribe is usually punishable by imprisonment.

– “Do attackers help” you by clearly conducting clandestine bookkeeping?

– It happens. Here is the latest example. 4 March opened a criminal case under part 2 Art. 430 of the Criminal Code in relation to the chief inspector of one of the customs clearance points. As established during the operational-search measures, for several years the customs officer did not turn a blind eye to underestimating the customs duty on imported cars. The amount of remuneration ranged from 50 to 500 dollars depending on the cost of the car. In the performance of official duties, he did not take money, but his assistants conducted accounting and collected tribute from entrepreneurs who had stolen cars with a “discount””. At the end of the month, the tax collector came for the bribe. He was detained upon receipt of $ 2,040. Currently, a citizen is placed in a temporary detention center. They will seize a car belonging to him worth 14 thousand dollars.

Oksana YANOVSKAYA, Naviny.by