Gross national disposable income account

The purpose of this account is to show how national disposable income is used at the economic level for final consumption and savings; at the sector level – like DHS, OSU and non-profit organizations serving DH, distribute their disposable income between final consumption expenditures and savings.

The resource part of the account for the economy as a whole reflects the amount of WNRD carried over from the secondary income distribution account (at the sector level, the amount of disposable income). The usage section reflects the final consumption expenditures of DHS, OSU and NPOOH. In addition, both sides of the account show the item “adjustment for changes in the net asset value of DH in pension funds” in resources – for the DH sector and in use – for the sector of financial institutions.

WNRD Usage Account (Current Prices)



Final national consumption


households; government agencies; NKOODH;

4.Gross national savings (p2. – clause 4)

Gross national  disposable income

5. Total  (item 3 + item 4)

2. Total

Final national consumption is the value of products and services used directly to meet the individual and collective needs of people.

It covers:

consumer spending by different groups of consumers, which are grouped according to who actually finances them; final consumption expenditure on DHS; expenses of state institutions and public organizations serving the DH.

The main part of the final national consumption is the expenditure on the final consumption of DH.