Types of checks

Checks can be classified for various reasons. Consider some of them. Most checks are written to a specific recipient person or his order.

According to the method of indicating the recipient of funds on the check, the following are distinguished:

personal – are written out to a certain person with the reservation “not to order” or an equivalent reservation (for example, “pay Ivanov not for order” or “pay only to Ivanov”). This reservation prohibits the further transfer of the check by endorsement; warrant – are issued to a certain person with the reservation “or his order” or without it (for example, “pay the order of Ivanov”, “Pay to Ivanov or his order”); presentation – checks marked “pay the bearer of this check”, as well as issued at all without the instructions of the recipient.

By method payment:

settlement – in this case, payment of the check is allowed only by crediting the funds to the account of the check holder. Here, to distinguish such checks, the mark “only for calculations”, “estimated”, “with payment to the account” or similar content is affixed to the front side; cross-cutting – i.e. check, the front side of which is crossed out by two parallel oblique or transverse lines. Distinguish between general crosshair – i.e. the obligation of the paying bank to pay the amount of the check only by crediting it to the account of the check holder in the bank, which will indicate the holder and special crossigning – the bank is indicated between the lines, to which the payer bank must transfer the amount of the check.

General cross-cutting can be turned into a special, but not vice versa.

Bank checks are also distinguished, i.e. checks put by the bank on the bank. Among this category, checks are distinguished by:

avied ones are checks that either contain an indication in the text of how the payer can receive coverage by check (for example, “pay by debit the amount of the check your account N …”), either the bank-teacher sends a coverage (credit memo) to the paying bank or a notice of where, in which bank this coverage is delivered to them. Aviated bank checks successfully replace bank transfers; unavoidable ones are checks for which they need to be collected, i.e. submission for payment to the paying bank indicated on the check directly or through another bank.