Tools for regulating labour migration

All countries of the world actively influence the processes of export and import of labor. The goal of interstate migration policy is to maximize the positive effects of international migration, minimizing the negative consequences of this phenomenon, both for donor countries and for recipient countries. The mechanism of national and international regulation of labor migration […]

Factors in the development of international economic relations

The formation and development of IER is due to the presence of a number of objective prerequisites at the national and international levels. The prerequisites for the development of IER at the national level include: transition from natural type of management to commodity production; approval of commodity-money relations in order to maximize profits; a qualitative […]

"Force Majeure" or Force Majeure

Almost all foreign trade contracts contain a condition that allows you to postpone the term of performance of the contract or even exempts the parties from full or partial fulfillment of obligations under it in the event of circumstances beyond the control of the parties that prevent the performance of the contract after the conclusion […]