Income accounts

Income accounts are central to the SNA, they link the result of the production of products and services with the formation of income and capital formation, with the change in financial assets and liabilities, with the accumulation of national wealth.

Planning and forecasting of agro-industrial complex

In the system of measures regulating the development of the agro-industrial complex, a special place is given to planning, forecasting and programming. Plans, forecasts and programs reflect the goals, objectives and directions of development of the agro-industrial complex and its components, its subcomplexes, the solution of the most important problems, the main parameters characterizing the […]

The need to regulate international economic relations at the interstate level

Multilateral regulation of world trade at the interstate level has an increasingly noticeable impact on the conditions for the implementation of trade, economic, production and technical ties between countries, on their volume and structure. Multilateral regulation is an integral part of the world trade machinery. It acts as a means of facilitating the exchange of […]

The concept of an international contract (contract) and recommendations for its compilation

The implementation of international commercial operations requires a certain legal norm – the conclusion of an agreement between partners of different countries. Foreign trade transactions of two or more parties in the course of their production, economic and trade activities are formalized by a contract (agreement), which is usually made in writing. A contract is […]