The law of value - the economic law of commodity production

The law of value is an objective law of the development of commodity production, according to which the production and exchange of goods are carried out in accordance with value, i.e. socially necessary labor costs. It requires the reduction of individual working time to socially necessary, individual value – to social, as well as to […]

Theory of statistical indicators

In order to measure the size and ratios of phenomena (i.e., to give them an appropriate quantitative characteristic), it is necessary to develop economic and social indicators corresponding to each concept. There are three types of indicators of economic and social development of society: planned; reporting; Evaluation. Planned indicators are certain specific tasks for the […]

Classification of enterprises

Enterprises can be classified according to many characteristics (Table 1.1.). Table 1.1. General classification of enterprises Classification feature Type of enterprise By form of ownership Public, private By organizational and legal-in uniform Business companies, economic partnerships, production cooperatives, unitary enterprises By industry affiliation Industrial, transport, trade, communication enterprises, agricultural By size Large, medium and small […]

The concept of enterprise, its features and principles of organization

An enterprise is an independent economic entity that has the rights of a legal entity, which, on the basis of the use of property by the labor collective, produces and sells products, performs work, provides services. The main task of the enterprise is economic activity aimed at making a profit to meet the social and […]


In the country history guides it is indicated that at the end of the twentieth century. in the modern world  there were 237 countries. Of these, 192 were UN members in 2002. Countries are extremely diverse in area, population, national and ethnic composition, in the level and characteristics of economic development, in their place and […]