Theories of value

Studying the value of the goods is very difficult due to the following circumstances. Value cannot be detected directly on the surface of economic life, since it expresses internal economic relations invisible to the eye. In this regard, A. Smith divided the economic system into two types of relations: exogenous and endogenous (named so in […]


It was noted that the total population of Belarus has a tendency to decline. This process is the result of the historically formed conditions for the transformation of the socio-economic system, the disaster at the Chernobyl NPP. According to the census and censuses of the population, since 1897 its number has changed in waves from […]

International interbank correspondent relations

One of the ways to accelerate and simplify payments and settlements is to establish correspondent relations between banks. Namely, the network of correspondent accounts supported by banks of various countries most effectively ensures the functioning of the international system of settlements and payments. The term “correspondent” comes from the French correspondent, which means to answer, […]