Economically highly developed countries of Western Europe

These include: Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, Finland. Due to their favorable geographical position, using a high level of skilled labor and accumulated own and attracted capital from all over the world, these countries have reached a very high level of development of productive forces. Their per capita indicators exceed those in […]

Expert Survey

As a rule, experts show more reliable results if they answer pre-posed questions, so when preparing a survey, they must be prepared in advance. Questions can be of the following types: open – do not have ready-made answer options; closed – experts are invited to choose one of the proposed options; indirect – questions used […]

Theory of the ratio of factors of production

In their theories of absolute and relative advantage, Smith and Ricardo showed how production can be increased if countries specialize in production that has an advantage. They accept that the functioning of the free market itself will lead producers to goods that they can produce with the greatest efficiency, and  will force them to abandon […]

Money market. Classical and Keynesian Theory of Demand for Money

The money market is a market in which a special commodity – money – is sold and bought. Its main elements are the demand for money, the supply of money, the price of money (interest rate). The role of money is performed not only by cash, but also by demand deposits, term deposits, etc. Therefore, […]

M&A Strategy

A merger is an association of approximately equal partners, as a result of which a newly created company receives a new name. In a takeover, a larger company acquires and integrates the smaller company’s business into its structure. The distinction between mergers and acquisitions is determined by ownership, management control, and financial agreements, not by […]