Building a model of inventory management in conditions of deterministic demand

Optimal delivery batches for single-product models The inventory management model in conditions of deterministic demand is a model where the intensity of the receipt of requirements is assumed to be known and constant over time. As is well known, in practice, demand can almost never be specified with certainty; instead, it should be described in […]

Trends in regional governance in Western Europe

In most countries of Western Europe, unlike Great Britain, the foundations of state regional policy were laid much later, after the Second World War. The most active phase of development in this area of activity lasted from the late 1950s to the early 60s and until the mid-60s.70’s. The growing attention to the regulation of […]


Japan is one of the economic leaders of the modern world. In the production of industrial goods (cars, ships, video recorders, industrial robots, etc.), the country occupies a leading position in the world. Japan’s share of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP)  was 7.4% ($4841.6 billion) in 2000. The average annual GDP growth rate in […]

Competition in dynamic markets

Currently, in many industries, technologies are rapidly changing, the product life cycle is shortening, new powerful competitors are emerging, competitors are taking active competitive actions (including mergers and acquisitions to strengthen a competitive position or seize leadership), consumer requirements for goods are growing – and all this simultaneously. Due to the large amount of information, […]

Best Value Strategy

The strategy is focused on providing customers with more customer value for the same money. The goal is to offer the consumer a product of high consumer value that meets his expectations for the main consumer properties and exceeds his expectations in price (based on the price that competitors request for a product with similar […]