Market equilibrium. Comparative statics

In general, the coordination of economic interests between participants in a complex process of production, distribution and consumption is most effectively carried out with the help of a market mechanism that acts as a regulator of interrelations between economic entities. In the main version of the market, in conditions of free competition, the producer and […]

National economy as an economic category

The national economy is a system of social reproduction that has historically developed within certain territorial boundaries. The material basis of the national economy is the totality of the productive forces united in the industry. Thus, the category of “national economy” is revealed through such categories as “productive forces”, “industries”, “intersectoral complexes”. Productive forces are […]

The concept of the foreign exchange market. Main types of currency markets

The international exchange of goods, services and capital requires the implementation of appropriate calculations, the implementation of which requires the exchange of one currency for another. As a result, importers, exporters, investors, trade intermediaries, other businessmen, tourists are forced to convert both national and foreign currency for the final settlement of foreign trade relations. Currency […]