The essence and forms of manifestation of the socio-economic law of competition

What drives the development of large-scale industry of the capitalist economy? What makes it necessary to constantly revolutionize the division of labor and thereby radically change its content? What, finally, serves as a catalyst for the interaction of the laws of division and change of labor? What is the source of the constant emergence and […]

Fundamental approaches and principles of forecasting

Objectivity and knowability of socio-economic processes serve as the theoretical foundation of forecasting. Based on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of real socio-economic processes, the identification of objective conditions, factors and trends in their development, forecasting is based on both general scientific and specific approaches and fundamental principles. Among the general approaches are the following. […]

Business Narrowing Strategy – Disintegration and Outsourcing

Single-industry companies, having abandoned integration, concentrate their activities on very narrow segments of the value chain, and the rest of the activities are transferred to independent external suppliers, in other words, transfer functions to outsourcing. Here it is very important to decide which links of the value chain to leave within the company, and which […]

Corporate and bank loans as forms of lending to foreign trade

A company (commercial) loan is a credit relationship, the subjects of which are firms. In this case, payment is made before or after receipt of documents of title. In the first case, the lender is an importer who issues an advance (100% prepayment) to the exporter, but does not yet have documents of title and […]