Economic and mathematical models "National income - effective demand"

Determination of national income The UN is making great efforts to encourage all countries to collect data on national income. What is national income? This is a general concept that covers the entire annual flow of goods and services in the economy, calculated in monetary terms. Often, instead of this category, we use the almost […]

Inflation: essence, causes, types and consequences

The term inflation (from the Latin inflatio – swelling) was first used in North America during the Civil War (1861-1865) and denoted the process of swelling of the paper and money supply. Inflation is a multifactorial phenomenon that manifests itself in the overflow of the sphere of circulation with paper money in excess of the […]

Performance evaluation, environmental monitoring, adjustments and monitoring

Assessing the effectiveness of the organization and progress in its activities is one of the main tasks. It is necessary to constantly monitor the internal and external environment of the company. Low efficiency, insufficient progress, important new circumstances require changes in the long-term course of the company’s development, goals, business model and / or strategy. […]

Factoring as a method of lending to foreign economic activity

Factoring is a type of trade and intermediary operation combined with lending to the client’s working capital, and represents the purchase by a specialized company (special department of the bank) of the exporter’s monetary claims against the importer, followed by collection. Factoring is based on “discounting invoices”, i.e. purchase by a factoring company of customer […]