The main sociological concepts of Western economic schools in the 50s, 70s and 90s of the XX century

The emergence and formation of economic sociologists in world science was the result of a long process of sociologization of economic science throughout its development. Even A. Smith developed a theory of man and his needs, incentives for action, motivation of behavior. In a sense, the history of Western economic thought is the history of […]

Modeling of market mechanisms in resource-constrained environments

The development of the model of “groping” the equilibrium state is a model of the functioning of the market, built on the basis of an iterative method for solving convex programming problems, the essence of which is as follows: the problem of maximizing the upward convex functions of n-variables is considered. under the conditions of: […]

Scheme of the static model of the intersectoral balance in the system of national accounts

The intersectoral balance is an economic and mathematical model of the reproduction process, which in a detailed form reflects the relationships on the production, distribution and accumulation of the social product in the context of the net branches of the national economy and in the unity of the material and material and value aspects of […]

Economic feasibility of technology export

There are fewer barriers and constraints to the international movement of technology compared to the movement of goods and capital. Therefore, it is easier to carry out external expansion by selling a license abroad than to achieve the development of a new market by exporting products produced with the help of new technology or with […]