Regional policy of the European Union

With the formation and deepening of the process of international economic integration in Western Europe, the countries participating in this association became increasingly aware of the need for joint solutions to regional problems, since the existence of serious differences in the development of regions was a noticeable obstacle to the further strengthening of ties between […]

Bank loan and its forms

The need for credit is due to the fact that some households and enterprises have temporarily free cash, while others need them. In a market economy, the main suppliers of cash are households (the private sector), and consumers are businesses. Their interaction is carried out through intermediaries: commercial banks, investment companies, insurance companies, brokerage offices, […]

Dispute Resolution or Arbitration

This section of the contract establishes the procedure for resolving disputes that may arise between the parties and cannot be resolved through negotiations. Most contracts provide for the settlement of the dispute by arbitration or so-called arbitration. Under arbitrationA (arbitral) court is a court elected by the parties to resolve a dispute between them. Unlike […]