Positive and negative aspects of the market

The market, the market system have a number of positive and negative sides. Western economists include the positive aspects of the market: 1. Efficient allocation of resources. The market  contributes to the optimal distribution of resources between economic spheres and industries. It directs resources to the production of only marketable goods, rather than to the […]

Market infrastructure

The market forms its infrastructure. Market infrastructure is a set of organizations, institutions, enterprises and services that serve and ensure the movement of goods and services, capital and labor, i.e. ensure the normal functioning of the market. It includes a network of commercial banks and other financial institutions; commodity and stock exchanges, trading houses, labor […]

Tariff system of remuneration

The tariff system is a set of normative acts by which the differentiation and regulation of wages of various groups and categories of workers is carried out depending on the severity, complexity, intensity of labor and level of qualification, as well as the characteristics of the types of work, industries in which workers are employed. […]

Newly Industrialized Countries (NIS)

This 1st subgroup includes young states, which in terms of socio-economic development are closely close to the group of developed countries of the world. They came to the forefront of the world economy in the 60-80s as a result of the placement in them by large transnational companies of a number of relatively labor-intensive, although […]