Small countries "landlords"

include more than a dozen countries located on the islands and in coastal areas at the crossroads of the most important transport routes. This subgroup also includes colonies, for example: Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Virgin Islands, Martinique, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, etc. This subgroup includes the countries  of the “tax haven”, they are also called […]

Cartoon model

The method of determining the seasonal component (in relation to the multiplicative model, it is often called the seasonality index) is in many respects similar to the additive model. As in the previous case, centered moving averages are determined and seasonal deviations are found with their help. But unlike the additive model, seasonal deviations are […]

Analysis of internal resources (analysis of resources and internal capabilities of the company)

Analysis of the general position of the company allows us to determine the compliance of its strategy with the external and internal environment, i.e. external market conditions and internal resources and competitive opportunities. In the process of analysis, the position of the company is studied according to five parameters [15 pp.133–162]: Effectiveness of the company’s […]

Overall attractiveness of the industry and prospects for profitability

The final stage of the analysis of the industry and the competitive situation is a comprehensive assessment of the situation in the industry based on the answers to the previous six questions and the development of a conclusion about the relative attractiveness or unattractiveness of the industry in the short and long term. A number […]

The concept of the exchange rate

The development of the MEO requires a value ratio of currencies of different countries. Therefore, the study of the exchange rate is of great importance. The need for the exchange rate is explained by: mutual exchange of currencies in the trade in goods, services, in the movement of capital and loans. The exporter exchanges the […]