Population, labour and employment statistics

Population statistics (demographic statistics) studies the patterns of quantitative changes in population. In accordance with this main task, it studies: the size, composition and movement of the population; causes and factors of population change, its migration, birth rate, mortality, life expectancy. It studies the composition of the population on various grounds – sex, age, social […]

Regional policy of the United Kingdom

The UK has a very long tradition of regional governance and the development of regional science in general. In particular, some researchers believe that the start of regional policy in the UK was given in the late 20s of the last century in order to eliminate the so-called “unemployment loop” (regions with a very low […]

Business plan: essence, types, structure

A business plan is a document containing an economic justification for the development of an enterprise, the release of new products or the implementation of other commercial ideas. A business plan combines the features of strategic and current plans. It is drawn up when creating an enterprise or at turning points of its existence, for […]