Investment climate of the regions and ways to improve it

Methods of measuring the state of the investment climate. To analyze the conditions for the rational use of investments in economic science and practice, the category of investment climate is used. The investment climate of the region is a generalized characteristic of the totality of social, economic, organizational, legal, political, socio-cultural prerequisites that predetermine the […]

Specificity of regional policy of Central and Eastern European countries

One of the characteristic features of the process of market reform in post-communist countries is the sharp (if not explosive) aggravation of regional disproportions, which became one of the most important factors and components of the deep socio-economic transformation crisis that was growing in these countries, the scale and duration of which exceeded all even […]

Signs of bankruptcy

The financial position of the enterprise depends on the results of its production, commercial and financial activities. Uninterrupted production and sale of high-quality products have a positive effect on the financial condition of the enterprise. Failures in the production process, deterioration of product quality, difficulties in its implementation lead to a decrease in funds on […]

Bankruptcy: the concept, causes and factors causing it

Bankruptcy is the insolvency of the debtor, which has or acquires a stable character, recognized by the economic court or lawfully declared by the debtor. In economically developed countries, bankruptcy is considered as a normal phenomenon of economic life. It is designed to play a crucial role in the system of functioning of the economy […]

Planning and forecasting of scientific and innovative activities

The basis for making state decisions in the scientific and technical sphere is planning and forecasting. Forecasting the development of science and technology in the republic is carried out through a system of private forecasts (on the most important problems of socio-economic, scientific-technical and structural-investment policy) and through a comprehensive forecast of scientific and technological […]