The next important group of current account items are services, which can be considered either separately or as part of a broader category of goods and services. Services – a group of items of the current account of the balance of payments, including transport services, travel and a number of other services (communications, construction, insurance, […]

The third stage in the development of sociology

The third stage (from the mid-80s to the present) is the period of registration of economic sociology as a science of the mechanisms of communication between the economy and: society (T. I. Zaslavskaya, N. M. Rimashevskaya,R. V. Ryvkina, L. Y. Kosals), as well as the sciences of certain forms of human economic behavior in the […]

Payments in the form of a letter of credit

The letter of credit is in the best interests of the exporter, ensuring that he receives timely export revenue. The use of letters of credit allows satisfying the needs of customers in payments that provide payment. Banks, participating in a letter of credit operation, receive significant profit from commission fees, since the share of participation, […]