This first group includes: USA, Canada, all countries of Western Europe, Japan, Israel, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. Since 1995, this group includes a number of NIS: Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea. In all respects, this group could include Hong Kong (Hong Kong), a former colony of Great Britain.  Since 1997, this territory has been part […]

Features of monetary policy in the Republic of Belarus

The main goal of the monetary policy of the Republic of Belarus is to promote the development of all sectors of the economy, to ensure the internal and external stability of the national currency. The programme for the socio-economic development of the Republic of Belarus for 2001-2005 provides for enhancing the role of the banking […]

Monetary system: concept, structure and types

Money plays an exceptional role in a market economy, the functioning of which is based on commodity-money relations. Money is often called the language of the market, since with their help the circulation of goods and resources is carried out. Therefore, the market is impossible without money, without money circulation. Money circulation is a continuous […]