"Force Majeure" or Force Majeure

Almost all foreign trade contracts contain a condition that allows you to postpone the term of performance of the contract or even exempts the parties from full or partial fulfillment of obligations under it in the event of circumstances beyond the control of the parties that prevent the performance of the contract after the conclusion […]

Responsibility for violation of the norms of the currency legislation of the Republic of Belarus

All settlements under foreign trade agreements under which legal entities and individual entrepreneurs issued transaction passports are carried out only through service banks where such transaction passports are endorsed. Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are required to provide for foreign economic operations: cash flow from the export of goods (works, services) no later than 90 […]

Transaction passport as an instrument of currency control in the Republic of Belarus

Passport of the transaction – a document of the established form, which is issued by the exporter or importer under foreign trade agreements, the total value of goods for which exceeds 1,500 euros in equivalent, is registered with the customs authorities and is the main document in the implementation of currency control of foreign trade […]