Private Equity

Direct investments are the first group of items in the financial account of the balance of payments. Direct investment – a group of items of the financial account of the balance of payments, reflecting the stable influence of an institutional unit – a resident of one economy (direct investor) on an institutional unit – a […]

Modeling of costs and profits of the enterprise

The basis for the construction of models of behavior of the producer (an individual enterprise or firm, an association or an industry) is the idea that the producer seeks to achieve such a state in which he would be provided with the greatest profit under the prevailing market conditions, i.e. primarily under the existing price […]

Foreign experience in the organization of remuneration

The current wage structure of advanced market economies is the result of a long and contradictory transformation. It is based on the division of wages into two parts: the main (permanent) and additional (variable). The main part of the salary is formed from the tariff earnings of the worker (the product of the tariff rate […]

Best Value Strategy

The strategy is focused on providing customers with more customer value for the same money. The goal is to offer the consumer a product of high consumer value that meets his expectations for the main consumer properties and exceeds his expectations in price (based on the price that competitors request for a product with similar […]