Building a model of inventory management in conditions of deterministic demand

Optimal delivery batches for single-product models The inventory management model in conditions of deterministic demand is a model where the intensity of the receipt of requirements is assumed to be known and constant over time. As is well known, in practice, demand can almost never be specified with certainty; instead, it should be described in […]

Subjects and objects of the global financial market

For most securities and loans that circulate in the world’s money markets, interest rates as well as maturities are set in advance, which is especially important for buyers of financial requirements of the money market who want to invest their funds only for a short time and with minimal risk. In the short-term capital markets, […]

Competitive Strategy Development Process

The development, implementation and implementation of the organization’s strategy is a complex, multi-level process, often greatly stretched in time. Highlighting the mission and goals of the organization, analyzing the organizational environment, viewing the possibilities for choosing a particular development scenario, directions of strategic development and establishing criteria for the feasibility of one of them, monitoring, […]

Factoring as a method of lending to foreign economic activity

Factoring is a type of trade and intermediary operation combined with lending to the client’s working capital, and represents the purchase by a specialized company (special department of the bank) of the exporter’s monetary claims against the importer, followed by collection. Factoring is based on “discounting invoices”, i.e. purchase by a factoring company of customer […]