Concept, composition and structure of the company's personnel

The personnel of the enterprise is the totality of all employees of the enterprise, ensuring the implementation of its functions. This is the main resource of the enterprise, on the use of which the efficiency of the enterprise depends. The personnel of the enterprise by the nature of participation in the production process is divided […]

Money Market Equilibrium

The money market model combines the supply and demand of money. At first, for the sake of simplicity, we can assume that the supply of money is controlled by the Central (National) Bank and fixed at the level of . The price level will also be assumed to be stable, which is quite acceptable for […]

Features of measuring the national product according to Marxist methodology

Various macroeconomic indicators are used in the theory and economic practice to measure the results of the functioning of the national economy. A number of such indicators are designed to estimate the value of the total volume of national production. These include: total social product (SOP), gross social product (GP), final social product (CPC), net […]