Structure and relations of economic sciences

Economic science as a whole is a complex formation that has its own structure. It can be imagined in the form of a large building, where many floors of economic sciences rise on a single powerful foundation. This foundation for all “floors” is economic theory. There are several blocks in this “building”. The closest to […]

Globalization and regionalization: prerequisites, essence, dialectics of interaction

The twentieth century unfolded before economists such a large-scale panorama of grandiose changes in the socio-economic life of the planet that their comprehension will require a lot of time and intellectual energy from scientists. Among the most important trends in modern socio-economic development, it is necessary to name such seemingly opposite in meaning, but at […]

Forms of foreign economic activity of the enterprise

Foreign economic activity of the enterprise can be carried out in various forms. First, according to the scale of the geography of coverage of the market territory, it can be: 1. Export activity 2. Import activities 3 Foreign trade activity 4. Foreign economic activity, which includes the export / import of capital in the form […]