The role of the balance of payments in international trade

Assessment and comparative analysis of the role of foreign trade in the framework of macroeconomic indicators and foreign trade quotas All countries, to one degree or another, are participants in the modern world economy. The activity of this participation, the degree of integration of individual countries into the world economy are different, but there is […]

Labor resources and labor potential of the regions

An important component of the social and economic potentials of the region is its labor potential, which is the total labor force and the aggregate social ability of the population to work. As an economic category, labor potential reflects production relations regarding the reproduction of psychophysiological, qualification, spiritual and social qualities of the able-bodied population. […]

Basic concepts characterizing the categories of "world economy", "regional economy", "national economy"

At the heart of the categories under consideration is the concept of “economy”, which is quite polysemantic. Economics means: 1) a historically defined set of socio-production relations (the economy of capitalism, the economy of socialism, the economy of post-industrial society, the market economy, etc.); 2) the national economy of several or separate countries, as well […]

"Force Majeure" or Force Majeure

Almost all foreign trade contracts contain a condition that allows you to postpone the term of performance of the contract or even exempts the parties from full or partial fulfillment of obligations under it in the event of circumstances beyond the control of the parties that prevent the performance of the contract after the conclusion […]

Dossier and information card of the company

Information on the company, obtained from different sources, is collected and systematized in the dossier on the company. The questions on which the material for the dossier is selected can be divided into 2 groups: 1. Issues of the general characteristics of the company, including the type of activity of the company, the nomenclature of […]