Psycho-emotional features of economic thinking and their impact on economic behavior

Economic sociology, interacting with economic psychology, considers a person who is economic not only as an individual thinking, weighing, calculating, but also feeling, experiencing, expressing his attitude to facts, phenomena, events, other people in the form of emotions. What are emotions and how do they affect economic (i.e., rational by definition) human behavior? Emotions are […]

Profitability indicators and methods of their calculation

The total amount of profit received by the enterprise cannot fully characterize the efficiency of its production and economic activity, since its value is determined by the size of the enterprise. Therefore, there is a need for a relative characteristic of the profitability (profitability) of the enterprise in the form of a measurement of the […]

Scheme of the "competitive diamond" by M. Porter

The country will receive super-profits, or “technological rents”, until other countries copy its innovations. Posner’s model suggests that once an innovation has been copied, there is no point in trading it on the foreign market. In order to constantly trade in any product, it is necessary to ensure a “flow of innovations” in its production. […]