Planning with Optimization Models

Optimization models are based on the selection of the optimal option from a variety of possible ones by comparing them according to the optimization criterion (s). The optimization economic-mathematical model consists of a target function and a system of constraints. The objective function describes the purpose of optimization and reflects the dependence of the indicator […]

Subjects and objects of the global financial market

For most securities and loans that circulate in the world’s money markets, interest rates as well as maturities are set in advance, which is especially important for buyers of financial requirements of the money market who want to invest their funds only for a short time and with minimal risk. In the short-term capital markets, […]

Main macroeconomic identities

The system of basic indicators of the national product makes it possible to derive a number of macroeconomic identities. The basic macroeconomic identity (income identity) reflects the equality of income and expenditure: Y=C+I+G+Xn, where Y is income, which is equal to GNP. Other important identities are used in macroeconomic analysis. The identity of savings and […]