Calculation of the number of employees of the enterprise

Determining the need for labor resources includes the calculation of the number both in the enterprise as a whole and in the categories of industrial and production personnel, the definition of additional need and sources of its coverage. The number of employees in the enterprise as a whole is determined enlarged, based on the volume […]

Concept, composition and structure of the company's personnel

The personnel of the enterprise is the totality of all employees of the enterprise, ensuring the implementation of its functions. This is the main resource of the enterprise, on the use of which the efficiency of the enterprise depends. The personnel of the enterprise by the nature of participation in the production process is divided […]

Determining the Trend of a Time Series

After seasonal variations have been excluded from the original time series, the trend of the time series is determined in the traditional way. The type of dependence for the trend (linear or nonlinear) is selected and then the coefficients of the regression equation are determined by the method of least squares. However, due to the […]

Employment policy and social guarantee policy

The second structural part of social policy – employment policy – also reflects the hardships, distortions and problems of the transition period. Chief among them is unemployment. At the same time, employment policy is understood as a system of principles and measures aimed at ensuring and promoting rational, freely elected employment of the population. And […]