Additive model

First, seasonal deviations from the intended trend are found for each point of the time series, for this: – there are moving averages with an averaging period equal to L; – if the period of seasonal fluctuations is an even number, then the resulting moving averages are interinterfall and in order to obtain centered moving […]

Basic methodological principles of planning

The fundamental principle of state planning is the principle of social orientation and priority of public needs. It assumes that the planning and forecasting of the development of the economy should proceed from the interests of the individual and society. The satisfaction of the needs of the people determines the people’s plans and forecasts. The […]

Competitive Strategy Development Process

The development, implementation and implementation of the organization’s strategy is a complex, multi-level process, often greatly stretched in time. Highlighting the mission and goals of the organization, analyzing the organizational environment, viewing the possibilities for choosing a particular development scenario, directions of strategic development and establishing criteria for the feasibility of one of them, monitoring, […]