Leasing as a form of renewal of fixed assets

Currently, most enterprises in the Republic of Belarus, both new and functioning for a long time, are in dire need of modern and efficient equipment. The reason for this is the physical deterioration of a significant part of the fixed assets used in entrepreneurial activity, accelerated obsolescence, the emergence of new generations of equipment, etc. […]

Centers for International Labour Migration

Practice shows that the directions of international migration flows are not permanent. In the first third of the twentieth century, more than half of all emigrants flocked to the United States. The remaining part of the migrants was divided approximately equally between the British dominions (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) and the countries of […]

The theory of competition of the Austrian school of neoliberals. Functions of competition according to F. Hayek

Representatives of the neo-Austrian school L. Mises and F. Hayek refused to recognize the equilibrium approach as the main method of analyzing economic phenomena, and the search for equilibrium conditions – the main task of economic theory. In Hayek’s views on competition, the most interesting are: comparative characteristics of the competitive mechanism and the mechanism […]

The Protection of Monopoly in the Theories of J. Schumpeter and D.C. Galbraith

At the beginning of the XX century, the Austrian economist I. Schumpeter showed that a monopoly can be a good for society. Under certain conditions, there can be an effective monopoly and effective competition. These ideas are set forth in his works: “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy”, “Theory of Economic Development”, etc. I. Schumpeter believed that […]

Types of exchange rate

The exchange rate can be classified on various grounds, according to which it has multiple differentiation: According to the method of fixing, the fluctuating, floating, fixed exchange rate is distinguished; According to the method of calculation, a parity and actual exchange rate is allocated; By type of transactions, the exchange rate is divided into the […]