Modern trends in the development of the global financial market

The growth of various financial instruments of the global financial market, which led to the emergence of internal independent sources of financial market development, as well as the stable progressive dynamics of developed market economies (the US federal budget surplus exceeds $ 110 billion), have found expression in recent decades in the rapid growth of […]

International credit: concept, principles, functions, types

International credit is the movement of loan capital in the  sphere of international economic relations in commodity or monetary form on the terms of urgency, payment and repayment. The subjects of international credit (lenders and borrowers) can be banks, firms, state institutions, governments, international, regional monetary, financial and credit organizations. International credit arose as one […]

International labour migration: features and consequences

International labour migration – (a) the movement of human resources across the borders of certain territories with a change of permanent residence or with a return to it; b) the movement of the able-bodied population from one country to another in search of work. International labor migration as a process is a unity of emigration, […]

Features of the implementation of current foreign exchange transactions

Current foreign exchange transactions are foreign economic operations related to the export, import of goods, services, works for which settlements are carried out both in national and foreign currencies in time, not exceeding 180 calendar days. All currency transactions are carried out only through accounts with authorized banks and authorized enterprises. This determines the priority […]