Bankruptcy proceedings

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Economic Insolvency (Bankruptcy)”, the system of measures for the bankruptcy of an enterprise involves a number of procedures. The bankruptcy procedure is an event applied in relation to the enterprise – the debtor. The main purpose of these measures is to resolve property disputes […]

Conditions for the formation of the global technology market and its main segments

The world technology market is a system of economic relations in the field of exchange of scientific and technical knowledge, which can be presented both in a materialized and in a non-materialized form. The subjects of the world technology market are government agencies, research institutes and educational institutions, industrial companies and small innovative firms, as […]

The concept of "technology"

The scientific and technological revolution is extremely diverse in the set of goods and services offered on the world market. In particular, technology becomes a commodity. International UN documents interpret the concept of “technology” in two ways: on the one hand, as a set of design solutions, methods and processes for the production of goods […]

Free economic zones in the Republic of Belarus

The process of creating free economic zones in the Republic of Belarus began relatively recently. In accordance with the national “Concept for the organization of free (special) economic zones in the territory of the Republic of Belarus”, the creation of FEZs is considered as an important link in the implementation of the principles of an […]