Agriculture remains an important sector in Japan’s economy, although its share of GNP is declining (to 2.0% in 1999). The country’s agriculture employs 4.1 million people (6.6% of all employed). Small-scale peasant land use predominates. Despite the agrarian reform, the dwarf type of peasant farms prevails in the country (sometimes the plot has less than […]

The world community and the various groups of its constituent states

Structuring the world economy on socio-economic grounds involves the allocation of various groups of its constituent states in the world community. Signs, criteria for the gradation of states may be different. For example, in the 90s of the twentieth century. more often than others, the breakdown of countries proposed by the UN Economic and Social […]

Structure and specifics of the global services market

Along with the world markets for goods, capital, labor, there is and interacts with them the world market for services. A specific feature of a service as a commodity is that it does not have a material form, but acts as a result of a certain activity. The production and purchase and sale of services […]