In accordance with the principles of building the balance of payments

In accordance with the principles of building the balance of payments, it is always balanced, which reflects the standard presentation of the balance of payments. The concept of a positive or negative balance applies only to its individual parts. It should be noted that the balance of payments alone cannot have an unambiguous interpretation in […]

M. Weber's approach

The German economic historian and sociologist M. Weber (1864–1920) focused on the influence of three institutions—politics, ethics, and religion—on the development of the economy of capitalism. From the standpoint of the cultural approach of M. Weber, these institutions form the basis of social mechanisms that regulate the development of economic life. It is they who […]

Оптимальная комбинация ресурсов

Использование аппарата производственных функций дает возможность решения задачи об оптимальном использовании средств, предназначенных для приобретения производственных факторов. Предположим, что факторы (x1, …, xN) могут быть закуплены по ценам (p1, …, pN), а объем имеющихся средств для приобретения составляет b (руб.). Тогда соотношение, описывающие множество допустимых наборов факторов имеет вид: , Граничная линия этого множества, соответствующая […]

Knitting industry

The largest centers are Pinsk, Zhodino, Soligorsk, Vitebsk, Gomel, Minsk. The footwear industry is also developing on local raw materials. The largest enterprises are located in Grodno, Minsk, Lida, Bobruisk. In Vitebsk, there is a joint venture with the German company “Scamander” for the production of shoes. The share of Vitebsk and Grodno regions accounts […]

The concept of the world monetary system. The main elements of the world monetary system

The currency system is a form of organization and regulation of currency relations, fixed by national legislation or interstate agreements. From an economic point of view, the monetary system is a set of monetary and economic relations that have historically developed on the basis of the internationalization of economic ties. There are national, world (interstate, […]