Enterprise Lifecycle

The laws of dialectics indicate that everything that arises and arises in the future develops, transforms and dies. This also applies to such a category as an enterprise. An enterprise established for an indefinite period can function indefinitely. This period (life cycle) can be divided into certain stages: creation, development, reorganization, restructuring, bankruptcy, reorganization, and […]

Firm-line policies and arbitrary macroeconomic policies

The choice between active and passive macroeconomic policy models is not the same as the choice between “firm-course policies” and “freedom of action”. A coherent macroeconomic policy (“firm-course policy” or “playing by the rules”) implies an early choice of measures that can be taken in a particular situation and which predetermine the practical steps of […]

Problems of implementation of stabilization policy: active and passive policy of the state

Economic stabilization is associated with many practical difficulties. These include: a)  time lags of fiscal and monetary policy; b)  imperfection of economic information; c)  volatility of economic expectations; d)  ambiguity of historical analogies. The internal lag is the period of time between the moment of economic shock and the moment of taking economic policy response […]

Structure of INCOTERMS-2000

In INCOTERMS-2000, the conditions for facilitating understanding are grouped into 4 categories depending on the increase in the obligations of the seller: Group E (EXW), according to which the seller only provides the goods to the buyer in its territory; Group F (FCA, FAS, FOB), according to which the seller is obliged to deliver the […]

Dispute Resolution or Arbitration

This section of the contract establishes the procedure for resolving disputes that may arise between the parties and cannot be resolved through negotiations. Most contracts provide for the settlement of the dispute by arbitration or so-called arbitration. Under arbitrationA (arbitral) court is a court elected by the parties to resolve a dispute between them. Unlike […]