Conceptual foundations for improving the public administration of the regions in the Republic of Belarus

Despite the absence in the Republic of Belarus of pronounced negative processes in the field of interregional relations, which to one degree or another is inherent in both countries with economies in transition to the market and the states of the world economic elite (see lecture No. 2), many Belarusian regional scientists are inclined to […]

Placement of productive forces (PS)

The placement of productive forces is the distribution in space of their individual elements. It shall be carried out in accordance with the following principles: 1. Adjustability and proportionality, which provides for the optimization of territorial proportions. This principle, in particular, should be manifested in equalizing the level of economic development of individual territories, rationalizing […]

Planning and forecasting of scientific and innovative activities

The basis for making state decisions in the scientific and technical sphere is planning and forecasting. Forecasting the development of science and technology in the republic is carried out through a system of private forecasts (on the most important problems of socio-economic, scientific-technical and structural-investment policy) and through a comprehensive forecast of scientific and technological […]