Structure of the balance of payments of Belarus

As you know, the balance of payments is a statistical report, where data on the country’s foreign economic operations for a certain period of time are presented in a systematic form. In Belarus, such operations that are performed between residents and non-residents include operations with goods, services, income, as well as financial requirements and obligations […]

Forms and systems of remuneration

In the modern understanding, the form and system of remuneration can be defined as organizational and economic mechanisms for correlating the costs and results of labor of an employee with the amount of wages due to him. Forms of remuneration are ways of determining the dependence of the amount of wages of employees on the […]

Employment policy and social guarantee policy

The second structural part of social policy – employment policy – also reflects the hardships, distortions and problems of the transition period. Chief among them is unemployment. At the same time, employment policy is understood as a system of principles and measures aimed at ensuring and promoting rational, freely elected employment of the population. And […]

State regulation of income distribution

The formation of total incomes of the population covers their production, distribution, redistribution and use. The distribution of income is formed at the stage of formation of income of the owners of production factors (functional distribution). The personal distribution of nominal income is the result of redistribution. Passing through the family budget, the amount of […]