Private Equity

Direct investments are the first group of items in the financial account of the balance of payments. Direct investment – a group of items of the financial account of the balance of payments, reflecting the stable influence of an institutional unit – a resident of one economy (direct investor) on an institutional unit – a […]

Simulation of the process of achieving equilibrium

The equilibrium price can be interpreted as a “fair” exchange price, which is established as a result of numerous paired transactions between sellers and buyers. This state of equilibrium is remarkable in that it is completely satisfied with demand, and there is no excessive production of goods, i.e. there is no overproduction of the product […]

The concept and essence of "foreign economic relations" and "foreign economic activity"

The modern period of development of the world economy is characterized by further expansion and deepening of foreign economic relations. Through foreign economic relations, an international division of labor is carried out, the purpose of which is to save social labor in the process of production and exchange its results between different countries. Foreign economic […]