T. Veblen's approach

The focus of attention of another scientist, T. Veblen (1857-1929), was a criticism of the limitations of the economic approach to consumption. Economists, he wrote, have put forward the false thesis that consumption is the ultimate goal of production, but have paid little or no attention to how consumers actually behave or what impact the […]

Formation and distribution of profit of the enterprise

The effectiveness of the enterprise profit management policy is determined by the results of its formation and the nature of distribution. The source of profit of enterprises is the total income, which is the amount of money received by the enterprise from all its activities. Profit, first of all, depends on the volume of products […]

Indicators of globalization

Some aspects of the impact of globalization on the national economy deserve special mention. First of all, we note the extremely high growth rate of foreign direct investment, far exceeding the growth rate of world GDP. These investments play a key role in technology transfer, industrial restructuring, the formation of global enterprises, which has a […]

Modern trends in the development of international economic relations

The main trends in the development of international economic relations at present are the processes of international economic integration, globalization and transnationalization of the world economy. International economic integration is the convergence and mutual adaptation of national economies, their inclusion in a single reproductive process on an international scale. International economic integration can be characterized […]

Differentiation strategies

In situations where consumer requests and preferences due to their diversity cannot be satisfied with standard products or the previous composition of sellers, differentiation strategies are applied. For successful differentiation, the company must study the requests, behavior, preferences of customers and their idea of the consumer value of the goods. After that, the company adds […]