Statistical study of the relationship of socio-economic phenomena

The study of modern production shows that each phenomenon is in close interrelation and interaction. When studying specific dependencies, some signs act as factors that cause a change in other signs. The signs of this group are called signs-factors (factor signs), and the signs that are the result of the influence of these factors are […]

Theory of means

The average value is a generalizing characteristic of a set of similar social phenomena according to one quantitative feature in certain conditions of place and time. When calculating the average generalizing indicators, the typical dimensions of the level of a particular feature common to this system are revealed and thereby the typical features and properties […]

The subject and method of statistical science. Tasks and organization of statistics in the Republic of Belarus

The word “statistics” comes from the Latin word “status”, which means a certain state, state of affairs. Statistical practice began in ancient times with the population count. The earliest evidence of this is in China and has more than 4 thousand years of history. In ancient Rome, in the qualifications (censuses), in addition to counting […]

Sources of formation of working capital of the enterprise

According to the source of formation, working capital is divided into own, borrowed and attracted. The source of formation of own working capital is the authorized capital or authorized capital. Part of the funds invested by the founders in these funds is directed to cover the constant need for the minimum necessary production stocks of […]

The essence and types of fiscal policy

Fiscal (fiscal) policy – measures of the government to change public spending, taxation and the state of the state budget, aimed at ensuring full employment, balance of payments equilibrium, economic growth in the production of non-inflationary GDP (GNP). The main instruments for the implementation of fiscal policy are tax and budget regulators. Tax regulators include […]