Countries of relatively mature capitalism. 

According to V.V. Volsky, this subgroup unites countries where the development of capitalist relations, their coverage of the territory and population of the country form and consolidate the nation, determine its socio-economic features and class specificity, specialization of its economy and place in the MRI. In other words, only relative maturity, the predominance of capitalist […]

Calculation of marginal total costs from real source data

The real calculation will be carried out on the basis of the intersectoral balance for the Republic of Belarus for 1996 in the system of national accounts, Table. 6.11., 6.12., 6.13., 6.14., 6.15. On the basis of the procedure set forth for a conditional example, we calculate the matrices of coefficients of full salary intensity […]

Conditional example of analytical calculation based on MSM

General scheme Suppose that the economy in question consists of only two branches (industry and agriculture), the distribution of products of which is reflected in Table. 6.7. Table 6.7 Resource requirements by component General diagram of the original version of the conditional example Industries- Consumers Industries- Manufacturers Intermediate consumption Final Product (KP) Gross Domestic Product […]

Vertical Integration Strategy

Vertical integration expands the scope of the company’s activities in this industry. Companies can expand their activities towards suppliers (“back”) and / or to the end user of the goods (“forward”). Choosing the path of vertical integration, companies strive for full integration (participation in all links of the industry value chain) or partial integration (taking […]

Classification of counterparties in the world market

One of the main conditions for the successful implementation of international trade operations is the choice of a suitable partner (counterparty) Counterparties in international trade are parties that are in contractual relations for the purchase and sale of goods, services, results of intellectual activity. Depending on the goals and nature of the activities of counterparties […]