Conceptual foundations for improving the public administration of the regions in the Republic of Belarus

Despite the absence in the Republic of Belarus of pronounced negative processes in the field of interregional relations, which to one degree or another is inherent in both countries with economies in transition to the market and the states of the world economic elite (see lecture No. 2), many Belarusian regional scientists are inclined to […]

Calculation of total labor costs, profits, value added and capital

Calculation of total labor costs. However, it would be wrong to limit ourselves to taking into account the costs of an intermediate product (services) for our purposes. There are still many factors that should be taken into account when assessing internal costs in full. Among them: the costs of labor and capital on production, as […]

The need to regulate international economic relations at the interstate level

Multilateral regulation of world trade at the interstate level has an increasingly noticeable impact on the conditions for the implementation of trade, economic, production and technical ties between countries, on their volume and structure. Multilateral regulation is an integral part of the world trade machinery. It acts as a means of facilitating the exchange of […]

The content of the international loan

International credit is a loan capital movement in the MEO sector related to the provision of foreign exchange and commodity resources on an urgent, repayable and interest basis. An international loan arose as one of the levers of the initial accumulation of capital. The basis of its development was the output of production beyond the […]