The main stages of building a mathematical model

To use a mathematical model for a specific production and economic situation, information technology should be applied. Information technology makes it possible to accurately distinguish from the set of real production and economic situations exactly the one that fully corresponds to specific circumstances. This technology consists of the following eight stages. Step 1. SELECTION OF […]

Foreign experience in the organization of remuneration

The current wage structure of advanced market economies is the result of a long and contradictory transformation. It is based on the division of wages into two parts: the main (permanent) and additional (variable). The main part of the salary is formed from the tariff earnings of the worker (the product of the tariff rate […]

Defensive strategies to protect competitive advantage

The main goal of the defensive strategy is to protect the competitive advantage and strengthen the position of companies Any company can become an object of attack from competitors, from both newcomers who want to enter the market, and existing players seeking to strengthen their positions. The purpose of the defensive strategy is to reduce […]

Offensive strategies to maintain a competitive advantage

Competitive advantage in costs, resources, or differentiation is almost always the result of successful offensive strategic actions. Defensive strategies, by contrast, are used to protect and maintain a competitive advantage and rarely to create one. How long it will take to create a competitive advantage through a successful offensive strategy depends on the competitive environment […]