Secondary income distribution account (current prices)

Use Resources 4.Current transfers transferred to the “rest of the world” 5.Gross national disposable income (clause 3 – item 4) Primary income balance (gross) Current transfers received from  the “rest of the world” 6.Total  (item 4 + item 5) 3. Total  (item 1 + item 2) The secondary income distribution account is important for individual […]

Secondary income distribution account

The secondary income distribution account shows how the balance of the primary income of an economy, institutional unit or sector is transformed into their disposable income through the receipt and payment of current transfers, excluding social transfers in kind. The purpose of the account is to reflect the maximum amount that a sector or the […]

Calculation of marginal total costs from real source data

The real calculation will be carried out on the basis of the intersectoral balance for the Republic of Belarus for 1996 in the system of national accounts, Table. 6.11., 6.12., 6.13., 6.14., 6.15. On the basis of the procedure set forth for a conditional example, we calculate the matrices of coefficients of full salary intensity […]