Statistical study of variation

A variation of a feature is a difference in the numerical values of a trait in individual units of the population. The size of the variation allows us to judge how homogeneous the group under study is and, consequently, how characteristic the average group is. The study of deviations from the average is of great […]

Determination of equilibrium output by iterative method

In the standard economic scheme, the subordination of the end and the means is established as: Facility (production)(reason) Purpose (consumption, final demand)(result) where the means (the end of the lowest level) is independent, and the end (the goal of the higher level) is dependent on variables. In the intersectoral balance, the opposite attitude is taken: […]

Geometric interpretation of optimization problems of linear programming

Suppose it is necessary to find the  optimal plan for the production of two types of products (x1 and x2), i.e. such a plan in which the target function (total profit) would be maximum, and the available resources would be used in the best way. The task conditions are shown in the table: Type of […]

Types of international services and areas of their implementation

Transport services. Tourism and transport are of the greatest importance in world trade in services. The world’s largest merchant fleet belongs to Japan, followed by the UK, Germany and Norway. The market for freight and passenger transport services is dominated by the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and France. An important place in […]

Structure and specifics of the global services market

Along with the world markets for goods, capital, labor, there is and interacts with them the world market for services. A specific feature of a service as a commodity is that it does not have a material form, but acts as a result of a certain activity. The production and purchase and sale of services […]