Tariff system of remuneration

The tariff system is a set of normative acts by which the differentiation and regulation of wages of various groups and categories of workers is carried out depending on the severity, complexity, intensity of labor and level of qualification, as well as the characteristics of the types of work, industries in which workers are employed. […]

Scheme of the static model of the intersectoral balance in the system of national accounts

The intersectoral balance is an economic and mathematical model of the reproduction process, which in a detailed form reflects the relationships on the production, distribution and accumulation of the social product in the context of the net branches of the national economy and in the unity of the material and material and value aspects of […]

Small Business Planning and Forecasting

The most important forms of state regulation of small business are planning, programming and forecasting, through which state policy for the development of this sphere is implemented. Annual forecasts of socio-economic development of the Republic of Belarus necessarily reflect the main directions of development of small business for the coming period. State policy in the […]