Determining the Trend of a Time Series

After seasonal variations have been excluded from the original time series, the trend of the time series is determined in the traditional way. The type of dependence for the trend (linear or nonlinear) is selected and then the coefficients of the regression equation are determined by the method of least squares. However, due to the […]

Changing the competitive strategy of a modern company (according to the theory of B. Karlof)

B. Karlof is a Swedish economist-practitioner engaged in the training of managers, and a researcher of modern competitive strategy. He outlined his ideas in the work “Business Strategy” (1989), which became widely known in the West and was translated into many languages of the world. The main thing in Karlof’s book is the rationale for […]

Forms and methods of state regulation in context of world experience

World experience shows that even in a developed market economy there is an objective need for state regulation of foreign trade activities. At the same time, the state is called upon to protect the interests of its producers, take measures to increase exports in every possible way, attract foreign investment, protect the interests of economic […]